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Adrenal Challenge: All You Need to Know

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We're so glad you've decided to join us for our Adrenal Challenge! This resource is one handy place to find everything you need to know!

The adrenals are a key part of the endocrine system. Also known as the suprarenal glands, they're involved in producing over 50 hormones that drive almost every bodily function, many of which are essential for life. So we're going to give them some TLC.

Each day you will do the following three things:

  • Diffuse En-R-Gee every day in your home.
  • Apply Nutmeg over your lower back (adrenal area).
  • Get 15-20 minutes of sunlight exposure within three hours of waking up *

The last thing you need when you're fatigued are complicated steps or having to remember a bunch of things. That's why you do it with us.

You grab your supplies, join us in our Facebook group, and every day we remind you what to do and why. All you do is use the oils, read, and maybe even win a giveaway! Include the family of all ages, invite friends, and share the fun. The only thing better than getting amazing results is watching people you care about do the same! We're going to walk you through this step by step so simply stay tuned and enjoy!

How to invite your friends and join us in our Facebook group all month long!

  • Simply share this link with them once they've decided to join us, and we'll do all the rest! Adrenal Challenge
  • Once they add themselves they'll need to give the code AdrenalImmune23 in order to be approved!
  • Please don't mass add people to this group, but instead make sure they are wanting to watch and learn with us or participate in the challenge!
  • Check out the Adrenal Challenge Sharing Resource linked below for so many tools to help you share with friends! Everything you need is there to walk someone else through all the wonderful results you'll soon be experiencing!


Make sure you never miss a day with this handy Adrenal Challenge tracker! You'll want to open this in your Life Steps app if you're seeing it on the landing page so you can download this graphic to track your progress on your phone with markup or to print it out and keep it right by your diffuser! Consistency will always get us the best possible results!

If you print it off, make some notes on the back as you go through the challenge on what you're noticing and feeling!

FAQ: Q: What if I don't have Nutmeg or En-R-Gee Oil? A: Order some today! But while you're waiting, diffuse other oils like Lemon or Valor and simply join us for the education while you wait!

Q: Do I need to buy a bundle or can I just buy the two oils? A: Either way works! The challenge is simply diffusing the En-R-Gee and applying the Nutmeg Oil, but as we educate on adrenals and hormones we'll be talking about the benefits of other supplements and the bundle we've linked has some perfect ones to add to your routine!

Q: How much should I diffuse? A: This is completely up to you! We like lots of drops, but you can use according to your preference. I'll be running drops in several of my diffusers and using topically as well! My goal is to go through at least an entire bottle of each this month and then track my results!

Q: Can I use En-R-Gee and Nutmeg topically? A: You bet! We love using them on the lower back for the adrenals!

Q: Can I diffuse something else with it? A: Of course! We'll give you some great recipes throughout the month!

Q: Are En-R-Gee and Nutmeg already diluted? A: No, they are not. If you are using topically you can always dilute to comfort. You never need dilution for diffusing.

Q: Are En-R-Gee and Nutmeg photosensitive oils? A: Nutmeg and En-R-Gee are not photosensitive and are safe for using topically before sun exposure.

Q: Can I use En-R-Gee and Nutmeg internally? A: Nutmeg is generally recommended for ingestion and perfect even for adding to recipes! While En-R-Gee is not on a generally recommended list as a blend, many of the oils in it are commonly recommended internally so use at your discretion.

Q: Can I use these oils if pregnant or nursing? A: We consider them not only safe but incredibly beneficial for pregnant and nursing mothers when the body is especially taxed and often not getting enough rest, but follow your intuition and knowledgeable advice.

Q: Is diffusing safe around my kids and pets? A: We've been diffusing around ours for years and years and have found it hugely beneficial to them in all the ways it is to us! Make sure there's good circulation and space for your baby and an option for pets to move away from the diffuser if they choose. Many want to be close to it!

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